NC Inaugurates FCSU MEDIA Team

Declares every Wednesday NG-CARES Adornment Day

The Management of the Federal CARES Support Unit, FCSU of the NG CARES has inaugurated FCSU Media Team with a charge on the committee to increase the programme’s visibility in the Nigerian media space just as the National Coordinator (NC) declared every Wednesday as FCSU Adornment Day.

Inaugurating the committee on behalf of the management, the NC, Dr Abdulkarim Obaje tasked the committee, to work round the clock to ensure wider publicity of NG CARES at the national levels and sub-national levels. Dr Obaje noted that the work of the Communication Unit is huge and requires lacks enough hands to handle the voluminous and often spontaneous demands of the work.

The Committee was also charged to design a media strategy and plan for FCSU, organize an extensive event to mark the forthcoming reimbursement of the States and FCT as well as awards presentation to the first three best performing States. The committee is expected to work throughout the life of the programme.

The Committee has the following membership
Abubakar Yusuf, Senior Procurement Specialist-Chairman
Nnenna Okoli, Senior Operations Officer, Liaison-Member
Ekomobong Umoren, M&E Expert-Member
Eniola Kehinde, Operations Officer-Member and
Suleiman Odapu, Information and Communication Officer-Secretary.

In another development, the Management approved Wednesday as “NG-CARES Adornment Day”, where all staff of the FCSU is required to adorn NG-CARES branded T-Shirts and Fez Caps. Accordingly, Management through the Administrative Unit has approved the distribution of NG-CARES branded outfits: T-Shirts and fez Caps to all Staff.

Management through the Administrative Unit has instructed every staff of the FCSU to be dressed in an NG-CARES branded outfit of a T-shirt and face cap every Wednesday.
Compliance Reports monitored on, Wednesday 5th April 2023 indicate that staff members have already complied with the directives most Staff members turned out in NG-CARES T-Shirts and Fez Caps. The NG-CARES Adornment Day takes full effect from Wednesday, 12 April 2023.

Suleiman Odapu

Information and Communication Officer

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