The Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) Programme is implemented in all the States of the Federation plus FCT.  At the Federal level, the Programme would be implemented using a three-tier institutional structure as follows:

  • Federal CARES Steering Committee (FCSC)
  • Federal CARES Technical Committee (FCTC)
  • Federal CARES Support Unit (FCSU).

The Programme will utilize the existing platforms of the identified three (3) Results Areas at the Federal and State levels.  The Federal CARES Support Unit shall be supervised by Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning (FMFBNP) without creating any add-on project implementation structure.   Responsibility for day-to-day implementation support function shall be delegated to the FCSU.  In this regard FMFBNP will empower the FCSU to have the operational autonomy and flexibility which it requires to effectively carry out this implementation support function.

The Federal CARES Steering Committee (FCSC) will provide overall policy direction to the Programme. The Steering Committee at the federal level will comprise key decision-makers from relevant MDAs. The FCSC will be chaired by the Federal Minister of State for Finance, Budget, and National Planning, and include minister  of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Federal Minister of Women Affairs; Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment; Federal Ministry of Environment; Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development; Federal Ministry of Education; Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Permanent Secretaries for Budget and National Planning, FMF, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, and the representative of Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF),  as further detailed in the Program Implementation Manual. Among key role of the FCSC will be to:

  • provide overall policy guidance for Programme implementation,
  • liaise with the National Assembly for adequate allocation of resources,
  • review project performance annually and provide feedback to government at both federal and State levels, and
  • promote public enlightenment in support of the Programme.

The Federal CARES Technical Committee (FCTC) will be responsible for Programme oversight, overall technical guidance, strategic direction, review and approval of the Annual Work Programme and budget of the FCSU. As a subcommittee of the FCSC, the FCTC will be responsible for:

  • providing technical oversight and guidance for Programme implementation;
  • reviewing and approving annual work Programme and budget for the FCSU;
  • reviewing Programme performance, accounting and audit reports, and enforcing implementation of decisions;
  • conducting performance review of key FCSU staff;
  • approving amendments to the PIM and implementation plan. The FCTC will be chaired by the director (Economic Growth) of the supervising ministry and will comprise directorate level representation from the participating MDAs and the NGF.

The Chairman of the Technical Committee serves as the secretary of the FCSC and the FCSU serve as the secretariat.