Governor Bello Commends HAYAT Foundation for Community Development Initiative

Kogi State Governor, His Excellency Yahaya Bello, CON, expressed his heartfelt appreciation on Monday, particularly recognizing the initiator and founder of the Hayat Foundation, Barrister Amina Oyiza Bello, for her exceptional dedication in spearheading the reconstruction of a fully equipped clinic and school for the Eika-Ohizenyi community in Okehi Local Government Area.

Governor Bello officially inaugurated these significant projects, which were funded through his wife’s pet project, the Hayat Foundation. During this occasion, he challenged other privileged citizens, urging them to contribute their resources, regardless of the amount, to advance the development of their communities.

These noteworthy projects were unveiled to celebrate the 16th birthday of the Governor’s son, Hayatula Bello, in whose name the Hayat Foundation was established.

At the inaugural ceremony for the Eika-Ohizenyi community clinic and the Al-Dabiya Primary and Secondary School, both situated within the community, Governor Bello specifically praised the vision of the school’s founders.

Initially conceived and operated as an Islamic school, it later expanded its offerings to encompass both Islamic and Western education.

In recognition of his wife’s efforts to improve the living conditions of her people through these initiatives, the Governor disclosed that the school would benefit from the State Government’s free education policy, which covers primary and secondary school students.

Furthermore, the administration would assign teachers to address the school’s staffing needs and oversee the construction of an access road. Additionally, a school bus would be provided to facilitate academic activities.

Barrister Amina Bello, the Governor’s wife and founder of the Hayat Foundation, characterized these projects as a heartfelt homecoming for her. She emphasized that the clinic would offer three days of free medical care to community residents.

Barrister Bello encouraged Eika Ohizenyi community members to take advantage of the free Medical Outreach scheduled between Tuesday, September 26, and Thursday, September 28. She reassured the community that there were an ample number of medical professionals, pharmacists, nurses, medications, and consumables available for the three-day medical outreach which will address the immediate health needs of the people.

In her impassioned speech about her mission, Barrister Bello stressed the significance of her mantra, which revolves around making a positive impact on society. She praised the selflessness of her late mother-in-law and underscored the importance of individuals, regardless of their wealth or political affiliation, contributing positively to humanity, society, and their communities.

Barrister Amina Bello also extended recognition to Mallam Shittu, the founder of Al-Dabiya Primary and Secondary School, who arrived in the community in 1985. He established the school with a strong emphasis on religion and morals to positively influence the local youth.

She further acknowledged Mallam Salihu Bello for introducing a Western curriculum into the school’s teaching methods to prevent extremism. After the loss of the school’s original building, Hayat Foundation was honored to provide support for the construction of a new facility according to Barrister Bello.

Barr Amina Bello however, appealed to well-meaning individuals to give back to their communities. She emphasized that this contribution could manifest in various ways, including mentorship and other forms of community service, to collectively make society a better place for everyone.

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