The FCSU in providing technical support to the States shall work in collaboration with the following Institutions:

  • Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development (FMHADMSD) through NCTO on Results Area 1,
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development through the National Fadama Coordination Office (NFCO) on Results Area 2,
  • Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment through BOI – on Results Area 3,
  • Nigeria Governors’ Forum Secretariat which will anchor peer learning and experience sharing.

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) shall be responsible for the peer learning and experience sharing component of the NG-CARES Project with its proposed activities funded by the IPF. This support will ensure documentation of best practices across specific Result Areas to enable replication across other states. Knowledge Management will be at the centre of the support services provided by the NGF to ensure that relevant data and knowledge materials developed are properly utilized to support peer learning and advocacy. Activities will mainly include:

Development of Knowledge Materials like guidelines, knowledge notes, tools, templates, advisories, advocacy briefs from baseline/ State reform studies, and other materials from the FCSU. The material developed will be disseminated to and domesticated by the State & MDA leadership (e.g. Governor, Commissioner, Permanent Secretary, etc.) and activity officers will be the end-users of the content. There will be 1 reform study and 12 advocacy briefs in each year. The NGF will use the advocacy briefs for high level stakeholder engagement.
Facilitation of State Exchange Visits: This is to encourage on-the-job training and first-hand learning for & between State officials. Exchange visits will be to States that have recorded complete or remarkable advancement in implementing projects linked to the achievement of key DLIs across the 3 Result Areas. The State Exchange visits will be carried out by 6 States for Year 1 and 18 States for Year 2 with no more than 2 officials per State. The State officials made up of the MDA leadership and the activity officers will be accompanied by a representative from the NGF team and an expert. Delivery Platforms in States are encouraged to indicate interest in participating in the exchange visits through their SCCU.
National Peer Learning Events to distil good practices and share lessons among all 36 States & FCT with the aim of fostering peer learning. There will be 1 National Peer Learning Event for 4 days in each Year attended by the leads of the Result Areas, SCCU Heads and SCSC Chairmen from the States & FCT. These events will facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas on how to address on-the-job challenges hindering Programme implementation.
The Peer Learning Specialist shall be recruited by the NGF and will be the main interface with the FCSU, collecting data and materials generated by the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) unit of the FCSU for use by the NGF to drive peer learning and the distilling of good practices identified across the selected delivery platforms in the 36 States and FCT. The Peer Learning Specialist (Project Manager at the NGF) shall manage the activities as it relates to peer learning to support the effective delivery of the Programme objective; with an assistant and leveraging on backstop support from the other members of the NGF Secretariat and a pool of technical experts supporting peer learning interventions in the 3 Result Areas.

The NGF will be represented on the Federal CARES Support Unit, the Federal CARES Technical Committee and the Federal CARES Steering Committee.