Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery And Economic Stimulus

NG-CARES Institutional Arrangement (State)

State/FCT CARES Steering Committee (SCSC):

The State/FCT CARES Steering Committee provide oversight and policy guidance to the Programme in the State or FCT. It is comprised of Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries of the key sectoral Ministries and Policy Heads of Agencies. The SCSC is led by the Commissioner responsible for Planning and Budget or Finance.

State CARES Coordinating Unit (SCCU)

The SCCU is the secretariat of the State CARES Steering Committee (SCSC) and prepares periodic collation of results from Delivery  Units, and monitors the progress of implementation and disbursements. It is a small unit that coordinates the programme in the state and is domiciled in the Ministry of Budget and Planning/Finance.

Delivery Platforms:

These are Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) that implement the NG-CARES Programme in the States and FCT.  They are:

The Community and Social Development Agency (CSDA), State Cash Transfer Unit (SCTU), the State Public Workfare (PWF) Unit and SEEFOR structures are the Delivery Platforms for Result Area 1. Some States, where these platforms are not available, will use other Agencies and Platforms with mandate and responsibility for delivery on the Results Area.

The Fadama unit of the State Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for the delivery of DLIs in Result Area 2. 

The State-owned MSE support Agencies working in close partnership with the GEEP platform of the Bank of Industry (BOI) at the State is responsible for the delivery of the DLIs in Results Area 3. Some State MSE platforms with sufficient and assessed capability will work solely (that is, take full responsibility) for delivery of the DLIs in this Result Area.

NG-CARES: Who Benefits?

Beneficiaries of the NG-CARES Programme are drawn from the State Poverty Map, State Social Register or any register verified by the State and the National Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO), Farmers/Traders Associations and Cooperatives.

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